AJ Winter 2020 Release – Amelia Jane


AJ Winter 2020 Release

Winter in Australia means the scent of smoke on the air, crunchy gum leaves sprinkling the ground, and darker shades replacing the floaty fabrics of summer. 

It’s against this backdrop that Designs by Amelia Jane brings you the AJ Winter 2020 collection - snug, warm tones designed to embrace you through the colder months.


Designs by Amelia Jane


This collection focuses on essential wardrobe staples: pants, romper, overalls and linen shirt. And as always, my inspiration comes from the natural Australian bush that surrounds me, in the Perth hills. 


I’ve designed the pieces to be interchangeable, and there are almost limitless outfit options with these four pieces. 
Designs by Amelia Jane


When you buy less, and rotate well-made items to create lots of looks, you are helping to cultivate slow fashion, which is a movement that Designs by Amelia Jane is a strong supporter of. 


By investing and supporting small businesses, you also are building a strong community and keeping the local economy strong. 


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