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Our Story

Welcome to Designs by Amelia Jane. 

Designs by Amelia Jane

I’m Millie, a dressmaker and founder of Designs by Amelia Jane. I grew up in the Perth hills, surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and beautiful native flowers. I’ve always found such peace living out in the bush.

My life changed in 2018 with the birth of my daughter Zoey. As I navigated those first few months of motherhood, I couldn’t find any clothes that I liked for her, as so many options didn’t come with nappy crotches, which made changing Zoey more difficult. So, I started making rompers and matching headbands for her to wear. The mums at my local mother’s group were always asking me where I had found Zoey’s new looks, so I began making matching dresses and nappy covers for all of her friends - with push-stud nappy crotches, obviously! 


I perfected my skills, and started to sell clothing and playmats to my friends, who needed everything from baby shower gifts, to birthday and Christmas gifts. Everyone loved my style and the combinations of fabrics I was choosing, so it made sense to start my own label.


Designs by Amelia Jane

I create unisex pieces inspired by the Australian bush. 


Each creation is designed by me using earthy, boho tones and handmade with quality cotton blend fabrics made to last through lots of washing and wearing (refer to individual products to see the cotton blend mixture). 


As for the future of Designs by Amelia Jane – ultimately, I would love to have my own boutique, and to turn my passion into a full-time job. Markets are also really close to my heart, as I love to meet the people who wear my designs, so I am looking forward to participating in the market circuit again as soon as possible. 


Come and explore my shop! Whether your little one is in need of some new clothes, or you’re after a unique gift, or even something for a family photoshoot - we can help!


Millie x